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InterScience GmbH was founded in 1992 by Prof. Dr. Norbert Szyperski who is managing partner.

The InterScience partner network spans three generations. It allows us to offer our clients just the right blend of experience and innovation: active knowledge transfer and efficient organizational learning on the one hand, the integration of newest research on the other.

People-centered consulting is a main element of the InterScience approach. We believe that a relationship of mutual trust and confidence is the basis for excellence in consulting. The quality and depth of information gathered, more efficient communication as well as improved acceptance of solutions and their implementations are resulting valuable assets. We at InterScience are independent of any one particular consulting methodology. Due to our strong scientific background we are always able to adopt those methods which are best suited for our clients individual needs.


"SYLTER RUNDE" - individual Discussions to selected Themes from economy, science and culture.



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